Magician Joseph Zawislak created a persona based on Roland (with John Zacherle's permission) and hit the Philadelphia airwaves on WPHL-TV in 1969. His first show lasted only 13 weeks but protests brought him back and a cult had begun. He was on three different shows during his reign: Scream-In, Mad Theater and Horror Theater. He also brought on his young daughter Bubbles, on the air and she grew up along with his fans. Unfortunately, Joe died in 1979 at the young age of 42 years old. Philly fans still hold a spot in their hearts for Dr. Shock and so do we.

American Artists Entertainment Group represented Joe Zawislak (Dr.Shock) in the 1970's. Dr. Shock introduced the first Rock Concert into Upper Darby's (Philadelphia) famed Tower Theater through American Artists Entertainment Group which later included the Crest Theater in northeast Philadelphia both theaters were own by the Sidney Ellis Theater chain. Later the Tower Theater was purchased by Electric Factory Concerts after realizing the potential of Rock Concerts at the Tower. Dr. Shock also appeared in South Philadelphia's President Theater Plus he made numerous apperances for Charity, High School and College events in-addition to Night Clubs throughout the Delaware Valley. He would always be greeted with standing room only audiences and lines of patrons that stood outside over three city blocks long to meet him as he drove up in his private hearse.

Dr. Shock also recorded on East Coast Records a subsidiary company of American Artists Entertainment. His recordings were featured every Halloween year after year over Radio Stations especially on WMMR-FM. We remember him for his kindness, a devoted husband and loving father of Bubbles (Doreen Zawislak) the little girl that used to knock on the coffin for her dad, and his son Joseph Zawislak Jr. dressed up as half monster, half man.


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