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For Unsigned Artists - Hit Makers understands the tremendous marketing opportunity of new product, and we have developed the knowledge, technology, tools, and team to capitalize on it. Our next generation of marketing allow our clients to fully monetize while delivering the best value. Thus allowing entrepreneurs to compete in a competitive market by getting their product noticed and represented by a professional publicist network. We offer targeted consulting expertise to achieve specific media objectives.

Hit Makers Promotion and Distribution is a subsidiary of American Artists Entertainment Group, serving the needs of professional independent music recording artists, motion picture and recording producers, film and record companies within the continental United States and Canada.

We have excellent relationships with Pop, Alternative Rock, Country, R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, Gospel, Techno, Adult Contemporary and Jazz formatted radio stations, internet streaming, satellite radio, the print media and television networks. We give you that extra "voice" when competing for that all important radio, television and print space.
Our publicity services focus on the independent musician and record label. We work with artists both locally and nationally to gain exposure in the press, whether it's for a local CD release party, a new full-length release, or a national tour. We only work with music we truly like, which gives you the advantage of working with people who care about your music and who have a reputation of working with quality music. Each press campaign is tailored to your needs and style of music. You will receive copies of your reviews and articles as well as a monthly progress report to help you keep track of who is receiving your CD and how they are responding. All publicity clients also have their own web page on American Artists Entertainment Group web site.

Founded in 1968, our record label East Coast records include The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Motion Picture Sound Tracks and a broad range of Recording Artists. In 1973 East Coast in cooperation with Dick James Music, (England). "Remembering" Sung by Lana Cantrell from the motion picture "England Made Me" was nominated for Best Song in a Motion Picture by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Peter Finch and Michael York starred in this Graham Green novel. the motion picture sound track is available on East Coast Record's.
Other features include "Don't Turn The Other Cheek" starring Eli Wallach who also starred in The Motion Picture "The Godfather III" as Don Altobello with Al Picino and the Motion Picture Article 99 with Ray Liotta and Kiefer Sutherland in 1992. "Arnold's Wrecking Company", was distributed and released by our subsidiary Antone Productions in association with Cine Globe, the motion picture sound track is available on East Coast Record's. the featured was Produced by the Motion Picture Screenplay writer Steven E De Suza of, "Die Hard" 1988 "Die Hard II" 1990 and "Street Fighter" 1994, Directed and Written by De Suza, "Knock Off" 1998, "Possessed" 2000 (TV screenplay), "Judge Dredd" 1995, "Beverly Hills Cop III" 1994, "Flintstones, The" 1994 and the TV series, "Six Million Dollar Man".
Under subsidiary Antone Productions has distributed feature films for Cine Globe and various producers,
our past guides us into the next generation and new millennium.

Hit Makers has distributed and promoted numerous Pop, Alternative Rock, Country and R&B recordings and is responsible for charting many independent contemporary recording artists into Billboard Magazine's Top 100 charts.

Today we're very active within today's surge of Independent producers and recording artists in both music recording and feature films. In 2008 we formed Probability Records a new independent label. We excel in distribution, promotion, sales and marketing, publicist and public relations. With offices in New York City, Hollywood, CA. and Vero Beach. Florida., giving your product national attention. every represented music company, artist or label receives weekly tracking information on Commercial, Satellite, College and Internet Radio stations with direct targeting formats. In addition to key distribution, press releases and news articles on the recording company and artists with targeted National and Local Television, Video, Internet exposure plus promotions and concert touring.

Feature Films receive distribution in major theater chains, box office receipts and percentage, designed display ads, targeted sales and marketing, Internet exploitation, press releases and public relations.

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The CD Distribution arm for Hit Makers clients is provided by Red/Sony BMG Distribution.

A leading total solution provider of infrastructure services, is one of the nation's largest home entertainment product distribution, fulfillment and infrastructure companies providing both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce home entertainment retailers with complete business-to-business solutions. Through its Distribution and Fulfillment Services Group, Red offers an extensive product inventory (including CDs, DVDs, and related merchandise) as well as cutting edge technology, wide ranging support services, and innovative retail through Brody Distribution Group - enabling capabilities for today's converging marketplace. Through its Media and Internet Services Group, Broady is a leading distributor of digital entertainment with its Digital On-Demand company (www.brodydistributiongroup.com).

The Audio, Video DVD and Graphics manufacturing duplication arm for Hit Makers clients is provided by Entertainment Distribution Company (EDC).

Motion Picture Distribution & Booking arm is provided by Antone Productions, Inc., a subsidiary of American Artists Entertainment Group.
Motion Picture duplicating provided by Eastman Kodak Company

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