From Parents Argentinian and Italian .On May 4th. Jenny Galiardi was born in Whittier, California. At home her parents enforced Jenny to speak only spanish, but by age 5, she learned english. She started taking ballet lessons at age 6. As Jenny got older she tried other forms of art, piano, jazz, dancing, drawing, and painting, but non of them inspired her as much as singing. She began singing in the elementary choirs and continued by imitating her favorite singer Selena in the mirror as she got better.

At the age of 14 she tried modeling , and acting classes. But when asked if she could sing for a convention she replied " I don't know, but let's see". They toke her to a night club to see if she could sing in front of people . Jenny's parents stated it was a disaster. The microphone didn't work and she had to get a new microphone in the middle of the song, they didn't stop the music, and she had a dancing part, she put the microphone on the floor and started dancing. It was great (haha) she didn't let it get to her she just kept going the best she could. But we then realized she could do it. Since then she found out what she really loved to do and started going to everyplace she could get heard.

As time went by Jenny soon learned how her favorite singers and bands overcome tremendous opticals and earned the love of thousands of fans around the world. With all the skills and knowledge that she's learned from experience and from hearing influences She's on her way to getting where she wants to be.

She says that anything is possible. With hard work, dedication and God. I heard that my whole life and that's something I believe in. I also believe that one person can't succeed on their own. There's always has to be people there to help you along the way. That's why I consider myself very lucky. Cause I have family , friends and people helping and guiding me, that truly believe in me and that I'll make it. I thank God for that everyday.

Jenny has graduated high school, and now both as a model and a singer Jenny has been able to expose her talent though Newspapers, Internet, Radio and Television, and on stage.

Jenny also took part of (Reto super Estrella 97.5 FM) " Challenge" Super Estrella 97.5 FM. A segment of one of the most popular radio stations on contemporary pop latin music radio station in Los Angeles, California U.S.A, competing against other new artists for a week, she was able to perform her first single (Angel de Amor) " Angel of Love". Then the last day she performed her last single (El Ritmo) " the song gave her the opportunity to became (La Super Estrella de semana) " the super star of the week". The last day , she was nominated and the award as "La Estrella Super Estrella". And has been in many many for similar to that.

Jenny over the years has earned the love of many people in which have became fans. She says that the people and the fans make all the hard work worth it. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be able to do what I love to do.

Jenny's now working on her CD, as well as on many more projects that you'll soon learn. She's a rising singing sensation that's sure to make it Big in the music and modeling world.

Watch out cause here she come's!!!!

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