All Recordings listed below were released on American Artists Entertainment Group Subsidiary East Coast Records Distributed through Sony BMG, Inc. USA/Canada


The Year was 1976, The Song "Love Will Never" Featured Lead Vocalist of Uproar Byron Mellinger from Reading, Pennsylvania. The Tracks were Recorded in New York City, at Media Sound Recording Studios. The Recording Engineer was Michael DeLugg who was Barry Manalow's chief recording engineer, At that time Barry used Michael DeLugg and Media Sound Studios exclusively and later Michael was chief audio engineer for Barry's TV Specials on HBO, in-addition, Michael Delugg was used on HBO TV specials by Daryl Hall & Jon Oates. "Love Will Never" was written by Uproar members Jon Cline and Kenny Schroth. The song was Produced by no other than Tony Messina and Uproar. The strings were arranged and conducted by Tony Roccia & Howard Stein of Philadelphia. Published by Roarwrite Music BMI

The Year was 1977, The Song "Drifting Away" Featured Lead Vocalist Joe Borelli of Uproar from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Recorded at Media Sound Recording Studios, New York City. Drifting Away was written by P. Castro Published by Unichappel/Pink Pelican Music BMI. Uproar became so efficiant in recording they now Produced their own recordings. Drifting Away charted in Billboard, Cash Box and Record World Magazines in The USA and received some air-play in Europe & Africa.

The Year 1976 "Love Will Never" was back with "I Think I'm Falling" Featured Byron Mellinger lead vocalist of Uproar. Written by the core of Uproar Tommy Zito and recorded at Media Sound Recording Studios, New York City. Produced by Tony Messina and Uproar. Published by Roarwrite Music BMI.